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Search millions of homes nationwide for the latest, most-comprehensive property data available anywhere.

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Call, text, or email homeowners right from the PropHawk dashboard. Conversations are automatically stored for hassle-free follow-up.

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se the integrated portfolio manager to underwrite deals faster and easier than possible with any other platform.

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PropHawk delivers the data and tools investors need to win deals in any market. Book a demo and discover how to streamline everything from property acquisition to property disposition with a single platform.

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What investors have to say about PropHawk

“Very good leads”

In the short time I’ve used PropHawk, I’ve already gotten some very good leads. Not only were contact details correct, several of the homwowners I’ve contacted are actually interested in selling soon. It's taking me much less time than anticipated to fine deals.

Bryan White

“Best I’ve ever tried”

The integrated texting feature is one of the best I’ve ever tried. It takes me minutes to send dozens of text, and it stores my conversations in the system! Very easy to follow up with the people who do respond. The response rate has also been high.

Jason Hanzel

“Great CRM”

Staying on top of leads has always been a challenge for me. PropHawk makes it easy to track and manage leads; it’s a great CRM. If you want something that works well, is affordable, and is simple to use, this is the system for you

Phil Mcguire